Friday, January 22, 2016

Real Men Make Videos

I don't know if many of you know this, but for some time I've been working with local theatres of Milwaukee and Madison, producing marketing videos.

The latest video is for Forward Theater's latest production: The FLICK

It's directed by my lovely wife Molly!

Check out the video, then check out buying a ticket to the show!


by Annie Baker

January 28th - February 14th, 2016


In a run-down movie theater in central Massachusetts, three underpaid employees mop the floors and attend to one of the last 35-millimeter film projectors in the state. Amidst the daily drudgery, they navigate the small triumphs and heartbreaking moments that are the substance of our daily lives. Issues of race, class, family, and sex underline this awkward, funny, and incredibly touching play. With keen insight and a finely-tuned comic eye, The Flick is a hilarious and poignant cry for authenticity in a fast-changing world.

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